Here are Ways Don McGrath Will Guide You

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Claim Your Summit Self-Study Program

In this self-pace, self-study training program you will:

  • Uncover your vision for your ideal future life and business
  • Back out what life changes must happen to make it so
  • Create a 90-day plan to move toward your dream life
  • Uncover and change your self-limiting beliefs
  • Money-back Guaranteed
  • Investment level $247

Influential Speaker Training

In this training, award winning speaker and best-selling author Don McGrath teaches you how to craft your own talk that moves people into action. You will learn a proven talk structure, language and movement techniques, effective call to action techniques, and how to secure speaking opportunities and build your speaking skills.

You will learn how to:
• Attract more customers and fans
• Establish yourself as an undisputed expert
• Learn a proven award-winning talk structure
• Learn proven speaking techniques
• Receive coaching on your own talk

Investment level $497

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Claim Your Summit Best-seller Blueprint training

In this training, best-selling author Don McGrath teaches you how to write your book that establishes you as an undisputed expert.

You will learn how to:

  • Write a book that establishes you as THE expert
  • Create a loyal following as you write your book
  • Maximize the book content while you write it
  • Monetize your expert status

Investment level $497


Claim Your Summit Coaching Program For Entrepreneurs

I will guide you on your entrepreneur's journey. My expertise is in helping you establish yourself as an undisputed expert in your area, and use this to grow your business faster.

In this 90-day group coaching program, I personally coach you so that you stay on track and reach your summit!

I guarantee results!

Investment level $1497


Claim Your Summit Climbing Adventure Experience

In this 3-day experiential learning event you will spend time with Don masterminding about your business. You will also receive training on how to rock climb. You will learn rope systems as well as movement skills that Don has taught to expert rock climbers from around the world.

You will then be guided by Don on a full-day rock climbing adventure that will challenge you physically and mentally.

This event will change your life!

Investment level $4,997