Here are Ways Don McGrath Will Guide You


Claim Your Summit Rock Climbing Adventure

Don will take you on a rock climbing adventure that will challenge you mentally and physically. You will see what you are truly capable of.

This will change your life FOREVER!


Leadership team workshops and off-sites


I offer workshops and off-site experiences that help leadership teams tackle difficult challenges, often resulting from change.


Individual Success Coaching


I work one-to-one with you to guide you on your journey from success to significance.


Don Will SpeaK at Your Event

Don McGrath is a dynamic and experienced speaker, who can talk on a wide range of topics, which include:

  • The Four C's of Outstanding Leadership
  • The Characteristics of High-performance teams
  • The Power of Optimism and Gratitude
  • How will You Reach Your BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal)?
  • How to go from Human Resource Manager to Human Spirit Ninja
  • 5 Ninja Mind Hacks for Safer Rock Climbing
  • The 5 Mindsets for Optimal Rock Climbing
  • How 50 Athletes Over 50 Taught Me to Lead a Strong and Healthy Life
  • ...and he will customize a talk specifically for your event!