Register For The Crush Your Negative Beliefs and Claim Your Summit Event at Sylvan Dale Ranch

Hey, this is Don McGrath. One of my passions is using what I have learned about the mindsets needed to achieve really big dreams, to help people get crystal clear on their life’s biggest dream, and develop the mindsets they need to reach it.

I’m super excited to announce that I’ve teamed up with The Heart J Center for experiential learning at Sylvan Dale Ranch in Loveland, Colorado to bring you an experiential learning event that we are calling Crush Your Negative Beliefs and Claim Your Summit.

This event is designed for people who feel they have a big dream, but are maybe not sure exactly what it is, or who are having trouble making progress toward it even if they know precisely what their big dream is.

From this event, you will receive

-        Absolute clarity on what your life's biggest dream is

An Understanding of how scripts that run in their subconscious hold you back

-        A mind hack to short-circuit the most common self-limiting scripts

-        Your own self-limiting beliefs that are most likely to hold you back

-        A technique to reprogram your own unproductive self-limiting beliefs

-        A rock climbing experience that will challenge you physically and mentally, transforming your belief of what you think you are capable of


This event will be held on Friday April 13th from 9am to 2pm at the beautiful Sylvan Dale Ranch, where we will take advantage of their wonderful event center, as well as their rugged outdoor terrain.

Echo Rock.jpg

You won’t believe this, but we are offering this experience for $75 per person. You heard me right, $75!

This includes the

-        Informational talks and exercises (a $300 value)

-        Bound workbook (a $40 value)

-        Lunch (a $15 value)

-        Guided rock climbing by an AMGA trained climbing guide (a $300 value)

-        All in the beautiful surroundings of the Sylvan Dale ranch (Priceless!)

So, a total of over $600 in value for $75!

We won’t offer this event again at this investment level, so if this sounds interesting to you, click the button below and register for the event.

Spaces are very limited, so don’t miss out. Register now!