Have you ever wondered what it would be like

if your best and brightest technical talent

had the presentation and communication skills

of your best sales and marketing talent?


Technical talent who can communicate their ideas clearly and effectively exist in every company, and they are the jewels of the company. We can all think of at least one of these people. They are the go to people. They walk on water. They are rare.

Public speaking is the number one fear in the Western world. It is also a skill that not many people naturally possess. But it can be learned.

Have you ever wondered how much faster your company could move if all your staff would be effective and confident communicators?

What if technical data were summarized and presented to your team and customers with clarity and with clear recommendations and calls to action?

Have you ever wondered how much more efficient your company would be if the technical experts could be leveraged more effectively in presenting technical solutions to your upper management and customers?

What if I told you that many of your technical staff could be taught these skills?

What if I told you that they could be taught these skills in one day?

What if I told you that it would cost only $2,000 each?

Would having five more people with these skills be worth $10,000 to your organization?

Go From Informing To Influencing: Transform Your Technical Experts Into Master Presenters

Don McGrath, Ph.D. and Roanne Van Voorst, Ph.D. have teamed up to offer a one day workshop that teaches the key presentation and speaking skills to managers and senior technical staff members, enabling them to clearly, confidently, concisely, and effectively communicate their ideas to your company’s upper management and customers.

This workshop is unique, as it combines evidence-based proven strategies to overcome fear of public speaking and building of self-confidence, with proven methods on how to influence people in the context of technical verbal and non-verbal communication.

With two experienced trainers with a background in fear-management, high-performance and effective communication, this hands-on and small-size workshop is able to transform even your most reserved and stage-fearing staff members into high-quality speakers. At the end of one day, they will walk away with a practiced, videotaped and ready-to use talk suitable for an audience of your choice - and a communication skill set that will help them deepen customer engagement, collaboration, and trust.

After this workshop, participants will be able to

  • Control their nerves - whether this be in a small-scale staff meeting, or a large customer presentation
  • Create an influential speech outline
  • Structure their ideas and deliver them to an audience
  • Give great explanations to colleagues or customers
  • Create a clear call to action (desired outcome) for their presentation
  • Craft slides that clearly illustrate desired points and support the call to action
  • Create a story from the information in their presentation
  • Present the information in a confident and relaxed manner, using proper body language
  • Engage an audience in their talk and build rapport

They will walk away with:

  • A concept for a talk that will be beneficial for your company
  • A videotaped, ready to use talk - available for your customer presentations, website use or internal communication
  • New and improved skills for communication and talks
  • Radically decreased fear of public speaking, and boosted self-confidence


Here is what people are saying about Don and Roanne

Don McGrath. Ph.D.

Don McGrath. Ph.D.

"When you need someone to bring your team to the next level, Don McGrath is the man for the job." - Les Brown, one of the world's best motivational speakers

"It's rare to find a speaker who has their talk buttoned up and who can convey their message so people get it and can take action. Don McGrath does this!" - Jason Meyers Chairman of Guerrilla Marketing

Roanne Van Voorst, Ph.D.

Roanne Van Voorst, Ph.D.

"Roanne totally helped me get over my fear of speaking."

"Our largest event-space was fully booked after we’d booked Roanne to speak about the art of overcoming fears. The audience was amazed and thrilled!" - Patrick Baars, Marketing en Communicatie account manager NKBV

"Roanne gave a public lecture for our Better Future Campus, for 80 senior managers and corporate professionals. She spoke about courageous leadership with wisdom and humour – the audience loved it." - Michel Barth, managing partner Better Future

Here is a short sample of Don speaking.


Who are Don and Roanne?


Don McGrath, who has his Ph.D. in electrical engineering, spent over 25 years in Fortune 500 companies, much of it in leadership roles, leading teams of engineers designing semiconductor chips. Don has presented thousands of presentations to executive management and customers, and was one of those go to people, having developed his presentation skills to a very high level. He has trained with some of the best speaker trainers in the country, including one of the top motivational speakers of all time, Les Brown.

Roanne van Voorst is an anthropologist, internationally-published and awarded writer, and public speaker. She obtained her Ph.D in fear-management, and helps people all over the world to overcome fears through her on-and offline trainings. She is the founder of the courage-platform, Fearlessly Fearful, and has been teaching public speaking at different universities in Europe to Master students, Ph.D students and other academics, establishing her own, proven-effective methods to overcome fear in public speaking.

Workshop Details

Duration: One day

Maximum number of participants: 5

Investment: $10,000 (2,000 per individual) plus travel expenses for trainers

Where held: We come to your site

If all this training did was produce three more staff member who are confident and skilled at speaking to customers and upper management, would it be worth it?

If all this training did was produce two more staff member who are confident and skilled at speaking to customers and upper management, would it be worth it?

If all this training did was produce ONE more staff member who is confident and skilled at speaking to customers and upper management, would it be worth it?

Don and Roanne are so confident of the effectiveness of this training, that if you are not completely satisfied with the results from the training, if you do not see a marked improvement in communication from participants, they will refund the cost of the training, minus their travel expenses.