You're too young to retire!

In my last post, I told you about how I found myself ready to be done working and not knowing for sure what was next. In this post, I'll share what and how I decided that.

One day, when I was out for a walk on a clear and brisk Colorado morning and pondering my next move, I got an idea.

You see, in the months preceding my planned departure from my last job, as word started to get out that I was leaving my career to pursue writing and speaking, I often got the same response.

“You’re too young to retire!”

After sharing a laugh, I would respond by saying that I still planned to work, but that I just wasn’t sure what exactly I would be doing. Many would tell me how jealous they were that I had the financial freedom to follow my passions at my age. I didn’t see myself as any different than anyone else and I knew that others could achieve the same thing that I did, if they had a plan for accomplishing it.

As I paused during my walk to reflect on my thoughts, it occurred to me that maybe I could write about and teach people to do what I had done, which was to attain a really big goal—to attain financial freedom at a relatively young age. After all, I didn’t get a huge inheritance or win a lottery. I had actually been purposeful about achieving this goal for about ten years.

This concept set my mind in motion, as I attempted to reprocess exactly how I had accomplished this. After hours of pondering, it occurred to me that the key was leadership. It was leadership that got me here—and nothing else. I further deduced there were two types of leadership involved, personal leadership and people leadership. It was then and there that I decided to write this book about leadership. Striving to reach big goals scares most people. I wanted to empower people to reach the big goals in their lives, financial or otherwise, through personal and people leadership.

In my next post, I'll explain the two aspects of leadership that I discovered that put me where I was on that day.