+ Do I need to be a climber to benefit from your programs?

No, we tailor our programs to the needs of our clients whether they have been climbing for 20 years or it's their first day. Part of our job is to help our clients manage risk and that doesn't require any experience or ability prerequisite.

+ I'm not in great shape, but my corporate team leader wants to take us climbing - will I survive?

Our corporate programs consider the fact that maybe not everyone maintains a high fitness level for climbing and that it might be extremely difficult for some members of the team. We ask that everyone give 110% effort to the team, but that doesn't always translate to physical strain. Obviously we don't want any injuries, but we aim for cohesion among the team members which means attending and trying your best. Many corporate teambuilding exercises succeed best when people are involved and participating in whatever way they can. We have a thorough application process and discussions with the team leader prior to the climbing day to determine an appropriate objective for the entire group. That being said, some minimum health standards are a requirement when climbing and that might mean you need to check with your doctor before the trip.

+ What should I bring?

Contour Leadership will provide all technical equipment. You are responsible to bring personal items such as a backpack, waterbottle, sunscreen, extra clothing layers, rain jacket, and a hat as needed. Weather in Colorado can change rapidly and unexpectedly so be prepared for anything.

+ I'm not from Colorado and will just be visiting, what should I know before I go on your trips?

Pretty much all of Colorado is at a relatively high elevation compared to most other places. Altitude sickness is possible and frequent among visitors - stay well hydrated (more than usual), acclimatize as much as possible when you arrive (slowly and incrimentally increase your altitude exposure), and set your expectations low for how your body reacts (i.e. expect to climb 1-2 grades below your regular just due to altitude).