Here's what people say about working with Don McGrath


"People came up from the audience and said thank you, thank you, thank you for having Don McGrath as the speaker today!" - Dustin Mathews, author of The No BS Guide To Powerful Presentations

"One of the best speakers I've ever seen. I felt like he was talking one to one with me." - Donnie K., ICON Builders Media

"Don's Claim Your Summit Experience is an awesome, amazing, and POWERFUL experience." - Teddy J.


"We set goals and created very specific plans on how I will reach my biggest dream. We had fun rock climbing... it was fun and intense, and I'm so grateful for it." - Bo S.

"I recommend Don's program for anyone who wants to make big changes in their life and reach their dreams." - Jacob B.

"Working with Don was instrumental in giving me the courage to pursue my dream...and I'm so happy that I did!" - Dave G.

"Don is very talented, entertaining and engaging!" - Jared R.


“Don did a great job coaching our staff, and was able to bring us together as a leadership team. There was a night and day difference between our first group meeting and our last, and over the course of the 6 months he worked with us, I really felt like our communication and ability to work through different learning styles greatly improved with his guidance. Each leadership round table left an impact, but his empathetic approach and ability to teach by asking questions really helped our staff grow from managers into leaders, and from individuals into a team.” - Larissa P. on Team Leadership Coaching


"It took just one hour talking to Don for me to uncover my biggest dream. I can't thank him enough." - Susan M.


“I want to thank you for initiating this project and for being available and willing to help us and our staff move the company forward.  I truly believe that this process has had a positive effect on our business and will continue to offer a sound structure that we really needed, especially without Joe and me there to stitch together the pieces as we have done in the past.

Your guidance has given us more structure for both the business and our staff.  This structure has given our staff more confidence in themselves and more awareness of the expectations we have for them.  This has allowed us to take a step back from the business and has given the staff the freedom to make their own decisions based on clear results they are trying to achieve.” - Lara G.


“I contacted Don to do a presentation based off his book Vertical Mind and how psychology affects safety in high risk situations for my non-profit Go Big & Go Home. Don is a gifted presenter and his highly engaging presentation attracted well over 100 people many of which gave rave reviews for his insight, presence and ability to captive an audience. I highly recommend Don for any presentation needs as he's highly adaptable, entertaining, and able to make complex material simple to a large audience.” - Jeremy P.

"The results far exceeded my expectations." - Jeff E.


“Don has provided our climbing gym, CityROCK, with multiple clinics and presentations related to psychological approaches to rock climbing. These presentations and clinics have always been well received by our members and community and Don has done an excellent job in providing these services in a professional and effective manner. Contour Leadership also guided our outdoor summer camps for youth climbers, during which we had our highest participation numbers. Working with Don has been a great experience and I cannot recommend his services more highly!” - Mike C.

“I've known Don for at least a decade. For many years he and I were colleagues in the same $2B+ tech company. I found Don to be exceptional in working with teams and providing leadership on cross-functional projects. Don has three strengths - strong technical knowledge and leadership, ability to work collaboratively with and lead people across functional areas, and shepherd organizations through significant changes involving strategic shifts. He brings a very data-driven and positive approach to all situations and is the kind of person you want to have to guide your team to navigate through challenging times.” - TR. R.

“Don was first described to me in a very unique manner; i.e. “There are many managers but, there are just a few who are true leaders & Don is one of them”. 
I remembered this statement as I saw first-hand how Don successfully led teams to accomplish big goals. 
Don’s relentless optimism motivates people, is focused on activities that need to be accomplished, and guides people through solutions to obstacles & issues as they arise.
Don is not only successful in leading teams to accomplish their goals, but he also does so in a manner that encourages them to grow throughout the process. 
I’d highly recommend Don as a mentor in leadership.” - Bill B.

“I have been privileged to know Don McGrath since the late 1990's when I was part of the team that recruited him to fill an open analog design manager position at what was then LSI Logic. That analog design team was very experienced, and the requirements for the manager position were quite high. We spent over a year in the search process interviewing many talented candidates before finally hiring Don. He quickly proved himself to be an outstanding manager and the right person for the job. 

Over the years, the organization went through many changes, and Don was asked to lead several different teams for the company. For most of those assignments, the teams were either struggling or had issues, and Don was called upon to turn things around. In all cases, Don's efforts resulted in stronger, more productive, and more efficient teams.

Don is a very positive, honest, and trustworthy person who holds himself to the highest standards of personal integrity. As a result of his considerable natural ability and extensive engineering background, he also possesses outstanding analytical skills and attention to detail. Coupled with his leadership ability and vast management experience, these attributes enable him to build very strong trust relationships. Because he practices the same continuous improvement techniques that he espouses and because he has actually done the hard work required to achieve very difficult goals, he is able to inspire individuals to greater heights personally and to enable them to work together more efficiently as part of a larger team. 

For all of these reasons, I wholeheartedly endorse Don's leadership skills and his abilities to develop an individual to his or her fullest potential. He really does know from which he speaks, and he has the real world scars and achievements to prove it.” - Jeff B.